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Room soundproof tips

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What to do if the window is not soundproof? How to deal with the window sound insulation? Xiaobian to teach you six ways to soundproof the window.

1.Put on window sound insulation film

The sound insulation film has a multi-layer structure, and a sound insulation resin is sandwiched by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer. Fine particles (heat-insulating fine particles) having a heat-insulating effect are uniformly distributed throughout the intermediate film. When using a sound insulation film in a building, the high-performance interlayer film sandwiched between the films has visible light transmission properties, so it will not block the visible light transmittance of the building and maintain clear vision. Window sound insulation film is cheaper, and usage is the same as mobile phone film.

2. Install window soundproof seals

Soundproof sealing strips are only effective for windows with poor sealing, and the price is also very cheap, but it must be determined whether the lack of sound insulation is caused by the gap in the window, otherwise it is useless. The sealing strip is to block the gap of the window, and it has the same function as the sound insulation cotton.

3.Add a layer of ordinary plastic steel window

This method is suitable for situations where outdoor traffic noise is not particularly serious, and if the window sill in the home is relatively wide, an ordinary plastic steel window can be installed inside or outside the original window. Plastic-steel windows should be selected with good airtightness, and the cavity distance between the two windows should be more than 10 cm. Casement windows are more tightly sealed than sliding windows, so the casement window is a casement window. This plastic steel window is relatively low in terms of cost.

4.Add a layer of soundproof window

Sound insulation windows are generally composed of double or triple layers of homogeneous texture or glass with different thicknesses and window frames. The glass used is thicker than ordinary window glass. Some soundproof windows use a specially processed sound insulation layer, or sandwich a desiccant-filled aluminum alloy partition frame between the sound insulation layers, and then use a sealant to bond synthetic glass components to the edges; some use a thermos bottle The principle is to make a flat, transparent and light-resistant flat-type glass member. Fill the window frame with sound-absorbing material to fully absorb the sound waves of transparent glass and isolate noise in various frequency bands to a large extent. However, the price of this kind of soundproof window is usually 800 yuan / square meter to 1300 yuan / square meter, and the price with ventilation is higher. Consumers ask the merchant for a test report when buying, and check the sound insulation to determine. In addition, it is agreed with the merchant in the contract that the sound insulation effect to be achieved after the installation of soundproof windows.

5, converted into window soundproof windows

If the window sill in the home is not wide enough, or if you feel that the ventilation performance of a soundproof window is not good enough, you can also remove the original window and modify a low-frequency soundproof window. At present, the double-layer hollow windows are mainly used for sound insulation. This method can also play a role in isolating traffic noise, but in terms of sound insulation effect, it is worse than adding a layer of sound insulation windows.

6. Install soundproof curtains

The curtain box is installed on the top of the inner frame beam installed in the window. The curtain box is equipped with a curtain reel. The curtain is rolled on the reel and the curtain box extends through a through seam at the bottom of the curtain box. Each side is equipped with a curtain, and the two sides can slide in the curtain chute. The bottom plate of the window is equipped with a curtain bottom slot, the through slot at the bottom of the curtain box, the two curtain chute and The inner side of the curtain bottom groove is equipped with grooved sealing strips, which are all in the same plane. Driven by the coil spring and the lower cable or the rising cable and the lower cable, the bottom of the curtain moves up and down, and the roll axis is reversed. The curtains rolled on it are rotated and rolled down, so that after the curtains protrude from the curtain box, they pass through the curtain chute and the bottom edge of the curtain into the curtain bottom groove to completely close the window, so that the window is closed by the curtain Completely enclosed and soundproofed. In some places like cinemas, soundproof curtains are used more often, and the effect is good.

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