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Anti-theft alarm should be concealed

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The main purpose of installing an anti-theft alarm is to prevent theft. The so-called enemy is in the dark, and many thieves have long detected the place of the crime before committing the crime. Therefore, the anti-theft alarm must be installed in a relatively hidden place to prevent the thief from destroying it. Many times, many users buy the alarm and install it in a more conspicuous place, which means to scare the thief and want to achieve the effect of being defeated without fighting. But the fact is the opposite. Many professional thieves know more about security equipment than we imagined. Actively showing the alarm to others is equivalent to giving the other person the key to open the door. The highly skilled thieves can easily Crack the burglar alarm. Therefore, we must pay attention to the use of concealed anti-theft alarm equipment, do not leave the target of damage to the perpetrators and create anti-alarm conditions.

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In addition to paying attention to the concealment of the burglar alarm installation, the concealment of the pipeline installation is also very important. If a thief destroys the pipeline, the burglar alarm will not work. As for the concealment of the pipeline, it mainly depends on the real estate developers. It is good if they can take this into consideration when building the building. This will ensure the concealment of the entire transmission path to a large extent. Construction. While maintaining the concealment of the pipeline, it should also consider that the pre-buried protective tube can be conveniently and flexibly connected to the main bridge. For the convenience of using the threader in the future, it is necessary to pre-place one in each protective sleeve. Small diameter steel cable.

Modern residential areas are densely distributed and have their own security teams. Therefore, when the user's anti-theft alarm system reports an alarm, in addition to the on-site alarm, the owner can also notify the security center of the residential community to make a networked alarm in order to quickly deal with the situation You can also call the local police station to protect the property and personal of the residents at any time, which is worth having.

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