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Anti-theft alarm in warehouse

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Lead: The thief pretends to be a customer and enters the mobile phone store. When the store is not paying attention, he unlocks and slips into the warehouse, stealing Apple mobile phones, computers and watches . A few days ago, the Chancheng police arrested two suspects of theft, and seized 4 stolen Apple phones and Apple tablets .

On July 19 this year , Mr. Liang, who opened a mobile phone shop in Platinum City, Chan City, reported that a thief pretending to be a customer to sneak into the warehouse and stole 4 Apple mobile phones, 4 tablet computers and 1 Apple Watch . The value of the case was up to 50,000 yuan. Police investigations revealed that the warehouse was unlocked. Later, the police called for surveillance to see that the mall opened at 10 o'clock, and the suspicious man went directly to the exhibition hall. After a round of looking around, he made a call with his mobile phone, then used the unlocking tool to sneak into the warehouse, and then left with a heavy environmental protection bag.

According to the physical characteristics of the suspect, the police traced his escape clues. On August 21 , the police arrested the suspect Zhou in Maba Town, Shaoguan. According to Zhou, the owner of the sale was a mobile phone shop buyer in Sports Road, Chancheng. In the afternoon, the police raided the shop and arrested the suspect Lin. At the same time, two stolen Apple phones and two Apple computers were stolen from the safe .

,先采取红外门磁感应,当门磁分开时就会自动拨打主人手机并报警,主人可通过 360 度旋转的监控摄像头确认现场并采取措施,还可在贵重物品附近设置红外感应,只要感应到人体温度,就会立马报警,让小偷在不知不觉中被瓮中捉鳖。 Patrol Eagle security intelligent anti-theft alarm system first adopts infrared door magnetic induction. When the door magnetic is separated, it will automatically call the owner's mobile phone and alarm. The owner can confirm the scene and take measures through the 360- degree rotating surveillance camera . It can also be set near valuables. Infrared sensor, as long as it senses the temperature of the human body, it will immediately report to the police, allowing thieves to be caught unconsciously.

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