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"Electronic fence" is not a power grid, it only prevents theft and does not hurt people

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Electronic fences originated in mobile pastures in Australia. Pulling a wire and applying DC power will form a simple electronic fence, allowing livestock to move within range.

The intelligent perimeter security alarm system with blocking and alarm functions in the mid-to-late 1990s began to be used professionally in the social and public domain. It has the functions of open circuit, short circuit, power failure alarm, and uphold the barrier function of electronic fences. This product fully considers human initiative and intelligence, and can accurately judge various situations such as unintentional touch, deliberate destruction, illegal intrusion, etc., and it is a better choice for the current perimeter security projects.

Considering the problem, there are more advanced products that can adjust the output voltage and can set the high-voltage mode and mode switching function. When switching to the mode, there is no electric shock when you touch the electronic cable with your hand, but if it is damaged, it will still emit Alarm. At the same time, the products at this stage also have functions such as remote operation and remote operation, which provide products for large-scale application in villas and communities.

Perimeter prevention alarm products
Perimeter prevention alarm products

和对射,能很好的起到周界防范作用。 At present, our company's anti-theft products do not involve electronic fence products, but there are similar types of products that can be replaced, that is, infrared fences and radios, which can play a good perimeter defense role.

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