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Security or popular consumer service market

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[Surfing Eagle Security] With the acceleration of the process of urbanization, how to make more places for us to live and how to build a strong network to ensure the entire city, the construction and operation of urban security systems will become increasingly important. China's safe city construction is in full swing. From the perspective of the entire development process, safe city construction is still gradually progressing, continuously accumulating construction experience, and continuing to deepen development.

If the first round of safe city construction focuses on protecting the city's public with technical defense methods, then in the new round of safe city construction, the three-dimensional application of comprehensive security measures is emphasized. For example, city alarm and monitoring systems not only provide security-connected alarms. The service also extends the service content to alarms on events such as fire / smoke / CO / water immersion and comprehensive monitoring of security and fire protection in urban public areas (public buildings).
GSM anti-theft alarm
Patrol Eagle Security Intelligent Burglar Alarm

The new round of safe city alarm and monitoring system embodies high-tech content such as high-definition, intelligent, and network. Maintenance levels need to be further improved. 建设中,专业的安防运营服务商将发挥更加重要的作用,走俏消费服务市场。 Considering the current situation of users, we have reason to believe that in the new round of safe city construction, professional security operation service providers will play a more important role and become popular in the consumer service market.

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