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Theft gangs are getting more and more smart alarms to keep you home

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举例: 就在日前,东花市破获了一起连环入室盗窃案,犯罪嫌疑人是一对兄弟,兄弟俩使用自制塑料片撬锁的方法,在东城区入室盗窃10余起。 Example of patrolling security : Just a few days ago, Donghua City cracked a serial burglary. The suspect was a pair of brothers. The brothers used home-made plastic sheets to pry locks and burglized more than 10 cases in Dongcheng District. The two did not officially work, but rented a hotel apartment of 5,000 yuan per month, and remitted 10,000 yuan to their home monthly, showing how their income was.
In the past few years, economic development and people's living standards have generally improved, but for many reasons, many people have found that the number of thieves around them seems to be increasing, and their behaviors are becoming more and more rampant, so the problem of home security is urgent.

One-touch alarm

One-touch alarm

Generally, families will install some anti-theft doors and windows. However, the traditional security facilities are obviously unable to cope. These technical means are advancing with the times of professional thieves. To this end, Patrol Security provides everyone with a home anti-theft solution. It senses abnormal changes through sensor alarms such as door magnetic alarm, window magnetic alarm, infrared alarm, gas alarm, and smoke alarm. When the thief is illegal, When intrusion, when the sensor detects an abnormal situation, the host will automatically alarm and send the alarm to the host's mobile phone, so that it can be processed in a timely manner, reducing personal injuries and property damage.
Shenzhen Xunying Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of household and commercial anti-theft alarms; there are two types of wireless alarms, GSM. 系统供应世界各地。 The burglar alarm and GSM burglar alarm system produced by the company are supplied all over the world.

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