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Touch alarm to protect your family

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In recent years, the gangsters' crimes have been increasingly renovated. Various new tools have been released one after another, and various types of burglary crimes have risen sharply. Most of the crimes were committed in residential communities, especially those who had forgotten to lock the doors, used to open windows at night to sleep, and did not install any anti-theft alarm facilities. The criminals mainly adopted technical unlocking measures or climbed into the windows from outside the building. Means, theft while people are asleep, more serious is that this unscrupulous theft often creates bloody cases.To avoid this tragedy, Patrol Eagle Security introduced a touch home alarm .

Touch alarm
Touch alarm

The main functions of the Eagle Touch alarm are: support for Apple, Android and other smartphone control software (APP); capacitive sensing touch keys, which can control the host arm / disarm / arm at home (partial) through the keyboard; support six voice and Language (Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, German, French) switching; two-way intercom, can also be used as a mobile phone (call any phone through the touch keyboard); built-in siren, easy to install and so on.
一键式报警器应用于别墅、楼房、平房、单身公寓等多种住宅区,同时也适合商铺、门面、超市等商业用途场所,电容触摸按键,操作简单,使用方便。 Patrol Eagle Security One-touch Alarm is used in a variety of residential areas such as villas, buildings, bungalows, single apartments, etc. It is also suitable for commercial uses such as shops, facades, supermarkets, etc. The capacitive touch button is simple to operate and easy to use.

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