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The alarm is no longer a passive alarm

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China Education News (Reporter Yin Xiaojun) A reporter recently learned from the Education Department of Gansu Province that the province will install one-button alarms at schools and kindergartens at all levels and network with public security departments to ensure that they can promptly report an emergency in the event of an emergency. Disposal.

Gansu requires that all levels of education, public security departments and schools at all levels must fully understand the importance of maintaining campuses, adopt non-routine security measures, strictly prevent social idlers from entering the school to breed troubles, and make every effort to maintain campus stability.

Gansu proposes that all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should install monitoring facilities, equipped with full-time and part-time security personnel, equipped with defensive equipment and alarm and communication equipment; and must hang "warm reminders" and "warning signs" on a blue background in a prominent position at the entrance of the school. ", Etc., all security and student cafeteria (canteen) staff need to hold a certificate to take up their posts, and the school catering establishments need to hang the relevant supervision cards and public notice boards required by the food and drug supervision department.

Gansu requires that patrolling, control and rectification of complex areas around the campus continue to be intensified, and resolutely prevent the infringement of teachers, students and life by criminals, mental patients and paranoid persons. At the same time, schools of all types and at all levels should conduct an in-depth study of the students' ideological situation, timely discover and correct individual students' psychological problems caused by family problems, academic burdens, etc., and conduct targeted psychological counseling to release students' psychological pressure. 巡鹰小贝一个APP可安装无数个报警主机,每台报警主机可添加100组APP用户,可设置三组短信接警及三组电话接警号码,有双向对讲功能,有视频监控功能,可录制10秒报警语音。 With the increasing awareness of national precautions, the role of alarm devices in people's lives is also increasing. A small set of alarm systems is installed in all corners of the school. Students can immediately press a button when they encounter danger. When the alarm is triggered, our security personnel will be rushed immediately, thereby ensuring that the student's life and property can be installed in countless alarm hosts on one APP. Each alarm host can add 100 groups of APP users, and three groups of SMS can be set to receive alarms. And three sets of telephone alarm numbers, with two-way intercom function, video monitoring function, can record 10 seconds of alarm voice. Therefore, Patrol Eagle Beck is widely used in schools, supermarkets, communities, villas and other places, also known as "smart health steward".

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