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Patrol Eagle Security Interpretation of the Operation Method of Infrared Burglar Alarm

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Today I finally have time to talk about the correct use and installation method of Patrol Eagle security infrared burglar alarm. After buying a lot of products, many friends do n’t use the product properly due to improper operation, adding some haze to this happy shopping, so in order to let the majority of users experience a happy shopping, we will remind some products in advance to use Oh!

A set of home alarms generally have

主机 A host,

⑵Two remote controls,

(3) a wireless door magnetic sensor,

⑷ An infrared detector,

Slap a siren,

组成 One power supply.

Use: ⑵ --- ⑷ items must first check the code with the host when using it; that is, add the QR codes of these accessories to the host app to let the host identify these devices. very simple. It usually takes a minute or two to get it done.

After the host-to-⑵ identification, the double-sided adhesive delivered by the door sensor is glued to the door-to-door frame of your door. When the door-to-door pair is opened, it is suitable to have a door magnet inside and outside to emit red light.

Infrared detectors can be installed where people pass by indoors, and the orientation can be adjusted so that people passing through the detector can emit red light.

After setting up the phone number to receive the alarm on the host computer, turn on the alarm, and manually trigger the alarm test. When normal, the siren sound should sound, about 10s, the mobile phone alarm will sound.

This is set up, it can work normally. You can turn it on when you go out, and go out with confidence.

After purchasing the infrared anti-theft alarm, you must read the above steps carefully. If you don't understand, please call us in time: 4006-829-929.

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