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Installation of anti-theft alarm system

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可以实现,当有非法人员入室盗窃时,防盗报警会马上通过电话或彩信的方式通知主人,主人可以根据警报内容而做出相应的措施,从而减轻或避免不必的损失。 The anti-theft alarm system can be implemented. When an illegal person enters the room, the anti-theft alarm will immediately notify the owner by phone or MMS. The owner can take corresponding measures according to the content of the alarm, thereby reducing or avoiding unnecessary losses. The alarm system can detect the leakage of coal gas / liquefied petroleum gas / natural gas, etc., so that measures can be taken in time to detect the concentration of smoke through the smoke detector, and a fire alarm will be issued when the fire catches up. After connecting the alarm phone, you can immediately listen to the indoor scene It can also provide accurate and reliable evidence to the public security department in detecting the case by receiving the picture data sent by the MMS, and truly realize the effect of the burglar alarm.

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With the emergence of electronic intelligent anti-theft alarms, the crazy actions of thieves have been greatly weakened, which has been loved by consumers. Now a basic configuration of a home anti-theft alarm system costs only a few hundred yuan, and users can purchase according to their own economic conditions and needs. Conditions can be extended to fire prevention, gas leakage prevention, false alarm prevention and other functions. And the installation process is simple, not affected by temporary power failure, and does not damage the structure of the house. The operation is as simple as a light switch. With just one touch, you can join the protection instantly, and you can know the situation at home even thousands of miles away. Really playing the role of anti-theft protection, it is a high-tech anti-theft alarm product that ordinary people can afford and can use with confidence.

The Shenzhen Patrol Eagle security alarm system is suitable for installation, data monitoring, and remote monitoring of households, community property, power, transportation, petroleum, chemical, coal, railway, municipal, public security and other industry sectors.

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