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Security companies rely on the government? Open up civilian anti-theft channels

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Security companies are vigorously developing in the boom of smart cities and smart cities. A large number of government procurement activities have stimulated the security market, especially the activity of the video surveillance market. The market share of the burglar alarm market in the security market is not as good as video surveillance, but its role is very important. Anti-theft alarm is an active security product, which is a function that video surveillance systems cannot achieve.

The instability of the world economy has led to government budget contraction, which has a strong impact on the security market. The uncertainty of the world economy has led to a decline in investment levels. Basic expenditures in various industries are facing tremendous pressure, let alone planning on other hardware investments. As far as government projects are concerned, the security market was originally a "making money" project. However, due to various factors, the government budget has been greatly reduced, which has also led to a downturn in the security market. The public sector has reduced spending and the security industry has been severely tested. This is an obvious trend in the security market in 2012.

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Are security companies overly dependent on government agencies? As a manufacturer of brand anti-theft alarms, is it necessary for patrol security to use the market for civilian use. The person in charge of the marketing department believes that the entry of burglar alarms into the civilian market is a trend. With the increase of people's security awareness, active security products will be favored by people. The products of eagle patrol have always been from the perspective of customer experience. The GSM anti-theft alarm developed by it has effectively solved remote control and real-time understanding of home financial security problems. Provide effective home security solutions to millions of customers.

The security market has great potential. Whether it is government behavior or civilian personal behavior, it will promote the development of the security industry. Patrol Security constantly launches new anti-theft products that meet market needs and solve fundamental problems such as anti-theft security.

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