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Security technology makes smart cities more secure / safer

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If a stranger breaks into your home, your mobile phone will automatically receive an alarm signal; if you forget to bring your ID card, citizens can stay in the hotel through face recognition technology; On sunny days without fog, the smart home system will automatically open the window for the room Changing the wind ... On March 21, at the 16th Hebei Public Security Expo in 2017, various high-tech security products made the citizens dizzying and amazed.

This year's expo was jointly organized by our city's security technology prevention industry association and Zhenjie Exhibition Company. The theme of the expo is "Smart Security, Peaceful Hebei", which showcased new technologies and equipment in the areas of security surveillance video surveillance, burglar alarm , and smart home.

In front of the booth of Hebei Sanchuan Technology Co., Ltd., a machine called "Smart Front Desk" attracted many audiences. "This machine is a portrait recognition and comparison application system. The captured portrait photos will be automatically uploaded to the public security department's public security management system to verify the identity of the passenger." The staff member said that this verification device also has electronic payment Function to help travelers complete all check-in formalities and complete all reception services of the hotel.

It is reported that the Expo has been held for 16 consecutive years. It is an iconic brand exhibition in the province's security field. Each year the exhibition attracts security industry associations, industry intermediaries, and application experts from all over the world. The exhibition order exceeded two billion yuan for two consecutive years. It has become a model for the market-oriented operation of the provincial capital to build brand exhibitions, further highlighting the professional and market-oriented development trend of the provincial capital exhibition industry.

The expo will last for three days and will end on March 23. This year's Security Expo is open to the public. Citizens can experience high-tech products and experience the charm and novelty of smart security.

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