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Hundred Regiments Study Sharing-Falcon Sambo MAGGIE

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Become a log on December 11, 2014. December 9-10, 2014, I am honored to participate in the launching ceremony of the Hundred Regiments! As a foreign trade person, thank Alibaba for providing such a platform so that we can bloom like this; as a patrolman, thank patrol security for the trust and support of us; thank you for not fearing this challenge; thank your family and loved ones behind the patrol Your participation makes us more motivated!

In the two-day outdoor development, I have learned a lot. A teacher named He Guanzhao gave me a deeper understanding of the truth through easy-to-understand examples. I was impressed by several points:

1) Have strong vitality

In the past, the teacher gave an example to illustrate the importance of health. It is not important to have several zeros after the "1", what is important is the "1" in front. If there is no preceding "1", that is, there is no health, then none exist. Teacher He talked about the vitality and vitality. If you don't have strong vitality, good things will become bad, and if you have strong vitality, bad things will become good. The importance of exuberant vitality is stated.

2) Starting in 2014, raising hands is outdated. Opportunity is left to the initiative. The world is fair. People who have the ability can get more, and people without the ability get less.

3) Family influencers. We need to have confidence in ourselves that can change the fate of the family.

4) If you want to be one, you have to play with one or the top three.

Two days, we carried out outdoor expansion. Through mini-games, each member of our team is deeply aware of the problems in the team. I'm feeling a lot here. Because the problem in the game is the problem in my team. When the coach asked us to complete a circle within the time we promised, 99% of us moved according to common sense. In a team, we need to think proactively, and then come up with a way to take the team together instead of being passive. Voices of advice are needed on the team.

The team needs to go all out. If we are behind, we have to ask ourselves if we are doing our best to get involved, whether we are doing our best to complete every job, are we clear of conscience? Am I a manager or a management talent?

Each mini-game made me more clearly aware of my management problems and problems with the team.

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