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Daily application of GSM home alarm

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At present, GSM alarms are the mainstream products of home anti-theft alarms. Remote alarms and remote control are one of the advantages that ordinary alarms cannot match. Secondly, they are easy to install. The detector and the alarm host transmit information wirelessly. The host and the alarm center or The alarm cell phone uses GSM network for data transmission. It can really install wireless channels without affecting any home improvement equipment.

GSM (Global System For Mobile Communication) is a standard introduced by the European Standardization Committee in 1992. It uses digital communication technology and a unified network standard to ensure communication quality and develop more new services for users. . The transmission speed of the GSM mobile communication network is 9.6K / s. At present, GSM mobile users have exceeded 500 million, covering 1/12 of the population, and the proportion of GSM technology in the world's digital mobile phone field has exceeded 70%.

Working mode of home anti-theft alarm
应用 Patrol Eagle mw百乐牛牛 Alarm Application

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