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Detailed explanation of home alarm G1

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The household alarm G1 has a simple and stylish appearance. The alarm host itself does not have buttons and is controlled by a remote control. The following is a detailed introduction to the structure of the G1 alarm host

Structure of household alarm G1
G1 Household Burglar Alarm Structure

1. SIM card holder: used to insert a SIM card;
2. SIM card holder eject switch: Press the SIM card holder to eject it;
3. Accessory learning key: used when pairing the detector and other accessories with the host
4. Recording key: press to record;
5. Set key: set the alarm number key;
6, siren socket: high-decibel siren interface;
7.Power socket
8. Emergency button;
9, wireless signal indicator: When the detector and remote control wireless signal input, this light flashes, otherwise it does not light;
10. Running indicator: GSM signal is normal, blinks once every 2 seconds. No GSM signal, blinks once every 1 second;
11. Alarm indicator: when the alarm or entering the setting state, the light is on; when the alarm is completed or exiting the setting state, the light is off;
12. Independent arming indicator: If a certain zone is in the independent arming state, this light is on;
13. Arming indicator: light on when arming, light off when disarming;
14. Power indicator: When there is external power, the light is on; when there is no external power, the light is off;
15. Recording MIC: the receiving place for recording;
16. Monitor MIC: for monitoring live sound

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