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8,000 families of elderly people living alone installed independent fire detection alarms

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It is reported that Shanghai, as China's early population aging region, has now entered a stage of deep population aging. As of the end of 2013, Shanghai had a total of 38.762 million people with a household registration of 60 years or older, accounting for 27.1% of the city's registered population. Among them, the elderly aged 80 and over reached 715,500. Because the elderly are relatively weak in self-rescue, they are vulnerable to fire, and the elderly have become a large vulnerable group in the fire. In order to improve the safety and self-protection ability of the elderly, and further improve the fire management level of the elderly institutions, according to the deployment of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, from now to November 1, the Municipal Fire Bureau will jointly launch the "99 Fire Fighting" with the Civil Affairs Bureau Safe Action. " According to reports, Zhabei District will include "installing independent fire detection alarms for elderly people living alone" as part of this year's government project, and will implement special funds to protect them. It is expected that independent fire detection alarms will be installed for 8,000 families of elderly people living alone in the year. The reporter learned that the independent fire detection alarm is very sensitive and functions like a smoke detector in a shopping mall. As long as the smoke concentration in the room exceeds the standard, an alarm will be issued immediately, and the sound can cover 2 to 3 households in ordinary buildings. As soon as a fire is encountered, the alarm will remind the neighbors to help by sound transmission.

The patrol security fire smoke detector alarms in real time according to the smoke concentration. When the smoke concentration exceeds the normal value, it will trigger an alarm and notify the owner's mobile phone at the same time, so that measures can be taken at a time to reduce economic losses. .

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