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3G anti-theft alarm host installation precautions

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3G burglar alarm works:

When the alarm situation occurs, you can directly call your 3g mobile phone that you set up in advance , and then you can see the live video image directly on the mobile phone, and switch to the 2G network state without the 3G network . The alarm situation is by phone and MMS. The form is posted to the owner's phone. It solves the disadvantage that ordinary alarms can't see the scene only when they alarm, that is, they can be equivalent to a wireless camera, wireless video alarm, and the function can be completed through 3g wireless network. The network video anti-theft alarm and 3g video alarm can use ordinary mobile phones to watch videos, only through GPRS network.

3G anti-theft alarm installation precautions:

A. The installation location should be open, so that it can smoothly receive the alarm signals from each detector.

B. The location where the host is placed should be concealed and not easy to be noticed.

C. The connection line with the host must be connected correctly.

D. The main unit should not be installed beside high-frequency electrical appliances ; to avoid interference from electromagnetic waves.

E. The installation of the host should be more than 0.5 meters from the ground to avoid interference from ground shielding.

F. After installation, the receiving antenna should be pulled out.

The above is the working principle and installation precautions of Patrol Eagle Security 3G Alarm. Please read it carefully before purchasing and installing 3G Alarm!

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