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2019 Shenzhen Expo

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于10月28日 开展 ,数千家安防行业巨头和知名品牌在这里汇聚。 The 17th Shenzhen Security Expo was launched on October 28, and thousands of security industry giants and well-known brands gathered here. Bring a cutting-edge security event for everyone in the industry. 安防亮相深圳会展中心5号馆5C03 Patrol Eagle Security Appears in Hall 5C03, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

虽然很劳累辛苦,但却丝毫不能影响巡鹰众位精英的前进的心。 Today is the first day of the exhibition. Although it is very tiring and hard, it cannot affect the progress of the elites of the Falconer. Members of the Patrol Eagle family are still full of energy and vitality. Give each visitor a good service and a good experience. 巡鹰安防 Only to let each customer who came to the exhibition understand the products of Eagle Eagle more deeply and trust the Eagle Eagle security more .

During the exhibition, Tour Eagle Security insisted on the establishment and implementation of its own brand. Tang Jingjing Tang said something, (Sorry, I ca n’t give you a low price, I can only give you high quality; I would rather explain the price for a while, rather than apologize for the quality for a lifetime! If it is purely for the pursuit of profit , We can achieve the goal of quick sales by reducing costs, but we believe that there are qualities that we are proud of! In order to promise that we will not sell the future for short-term benefits, I try hard to insist, just to get more and more Customer recognition and follow-up, this is the driving force for me to continue, because I am a brand!)

One of the highlights of this exhibition is the NB-IOT series products of Eagle Guard, such as NB smoke sensor, NB gas sensor, NB emergency help button, NB door sensor, NB water flood, etc., without host, directly connected to cloud services, alarm APP / WeChat push, phone voice notification, unified platform management. Easy to install and easy to use, it is loved by customers!

Another highlight of this exhibition is the intelligent and safe power alarm system launched by Patrol this year, leakage detection, overload detection, and cable temperature detection to fully protect the safety of power consumption, which is suitable for factories, schools, hospitals, power distribution rooms, etc. Where electrical safety is at risk.

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