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Fire Hazard and Significance of Automatic Fire Alarm System

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Fire, as a man-made disaster, refers to a catastrophic burning phenomenon that causes loss of people's lives and property due to uncontrolled spread and development of fire sources. Fire is also an ultimate disaster, and any other disaster can eventually lead to a fire. Fires can burn away the material wealth created by humans through hard work, turning factories, warehouses, towns, villages, and a large number of production and living materials into ashes, which affects the social and economic development and people's normal life to a certain extent. The fire also polluted the atmosphere and damaged the ecological environment. The fire has not only put some people in trouble, but it has also smeared charcoal and killed many people's lives and health, causing irreversible physical and mental suffering.

With the development of society and economy, the importance of fire fighting becomes more and more prominent. 火灾,就应当及时、有效地进行扑救,减少火灾的危害。 "Prevention of fires and reduction of fire hazards" is a general summary of the significance of fire protection legislation, including two levels of meaning: first, to do a variety of fire prevention work to prevent fires; second, it is impossible to prevent fires from happening, Once a fire occurs , it should be extinguished in a timely and effective manner to reduce the danger of fire. The automatic fire alarm system naturally accords with the second meaning. Fire alarm system

The automatic fire alarm system can convert the physical quantities such as smoke, heat and light radiation generated by the combustion into electrical signals through fire detectors such as temperature, smoke, and light sensing, and transmit them to the fire alarm controller. And send an alarm signal to record the time of the fire. The alarm signal can not only alert the personnel to evacuation, but its fundamental purpose is to be able to detect the fire at an early time, so as to respond to personnel time to take measures to control and eliminate the fire in the early stage. If the fire is not found in time, the alarm will be delayed, and the small fire will become a big fire, which may cause serious personal injury and property damage. Fire detection and alarm technology is an important content of fire prevention technology. With the development of urban modernization, various new technologies, new materials and new equipment are continuously adopted. The overall strength of cities in resisting fires is constantly increasing. Automatic fire detection and alarm technology is a comprehensive technology that applies sensing technology, communication technology and intelligent information processing to fire prevention. It integrates computer technology, microprocessor technology, electronic technology, control and detection technology, field bus technology, communication technology, artificial intelligence technology, and network technology in one. Sincere advantages such as computer networking sincerely reflect the characteristics of automatic fire alarm systems such as prevention, fire monitoring, and early warning. They play a huge role in timely detection of fire conditions, timely control of fire conditions, and effective protection of human life and property .

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