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2016 patrol security company profile

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Shenzhen Xunying Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, and sales of intelligent alarm system software and hardware. It was established in 2003 and is a security alarm industry. The products are sold to more than 200 domestic and overseas, set up more than 50 offices, have more than 10 million users; 18 professional software and hardware R & D personnel with many years of industry experience, and reached strategic cooperation with 4 domestic universities, with more than 20 software The copyright and product patents have won many design awards such as the German Red Dot. It has 2 production bases and the monthly output can reach more than 60,000 sets.


Strategic partners: Hong Kong New World Group, Wal-Mart Supermarket, ALDI Supermarket, Radio and Television Group, Security Service Group, Kenya Electricity Authority, Power Grid, etc.

The patrol product series includes: WiFi smart home intelligent control and security alarm system, APP and server software development services, 3G / GSM / GPRS / CDMA alarm system, various intelligent sensor detectors, video monitoring systems, power transformers and cable protection System, computer room data monitoring and prevention system, networked alarm center system, etc. Products have passed 3C, CE, FCC, ROHS, BSCI and other certifications.

Patrol Eagle Values:

Vision: To be a respected security alarm service company.

Use: Make the world more harmonious with high-quality products and services.

Values: Help customers bring value and help employees realize their dreams.

Product concept: focus, professionalism and innovation.

Philosophy: Do business with love, be human with gratitude.

Plan for the next 5 years:

1. The number of users reaches 50 million and aggregates big data.

2. Actively expand domestic smart home systems and achieve in-depth cooperation with domestic group companies such as telecommunications, mobile, radio and television.

3. Acquire more than 10 domestic and foreign security service providers, further reminding service quality.

4. Complete the IPO.

The company adheres to the "people-oriented, technology-first" business philosophy, uses advanced management models, perfects the service management system, and provides customers with advanced and security products wholeheartedly, becoming your loyal friend and trusted partner.

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